Posted on: April 16, 2009 6:51 pm

Three hours until October.

 The baseball season is in full swing. I was watching the Red Sox game yesterday and for about three hours all the crap about everyday society went away. I don't know if that is the best thing about baseball but its one of the things that I like about it. Baseball is great for a lot of things its rich history,great players and majestic feel.

I know most people have probably gone to a Major Leauge game but does anyone remember their first. My first was at Fenway Park when I walked out from the walkway to the bleachers it was like being on the top of Everest. Watching the legends like Rice,Evans,Boggs and Clemens. Then looking at the field and the Green Monster simply awsome. On top of all that I went with my father we didn't talk about anything but baseball that whole day.

What separates Football from Baseball is that its every day. Think about that you get to watch your favorite team for at least three hours everyday from early April til late September. Thats three hours you don't have to think about the unemployment rate rising,more stock market woes,and being lied to by every man an woman in the United States government. Instead of that you get three hours everyday to wind down and watch baseball.

I don't like the primadonna stuff that goes on when they are off the field. When they hit that field its the greatest game ever invented. All the stories you here about peoples first sporting events its all about baseball. You never hear about a Football,Basketball or Hockey stadium it was always Wrigley,Shea,Fenway and Yankee Stadium. If you ever watch the old films watch Mays play the outfield,Gibson pitching,Mantle hitting or Damaggio and Williams playing eachother all of that is very intense.

Then there is the rivalry. There is not a greater rivalry in the history of sports than the Yanks and Sox. When the schedule comes out everybody circles these games.

I'm going to give you the ultamate reason why this is the greatest sport in the U.S. When the Pats won the Super Bowl grown men cheered when the Sox won the World Series grown men cried.

                                                   THIS IS AMERICAS PASTIME

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Posted on: February 14, 2009 8:08 pm

I love my town.

It can be tough being a Boston sports fan sometimes. Not since recent years have we been able to celebrate our sports teams such as this. There was a time when we had to deal with people such as Rick Pitino,Mike O'Connol,Pete Carrol and Joe Kerrigan. We as a sports nation have had some good fortunes as of late. With three titles from the Patriots two from the Red Sox one from the Celtics and now with the Briuns recent rise to the top could there be another title in our grasp. Who knows. All I know is that its a good time to be in Beantown.

With spring training just getting started I feel as though we could hit the trifecta this summer. I can't really remember what the eightys were like because I was so young but most of our teams ended thier seasons in dissapointment. Now they are winning titles, this is truly title town.

So what next are we to get dissapointed that atleast one of our teams doesn't come in with a title. I say no way our teams are amoung the elite every season. Yes, it is a little dissapointing if they don't take it all. The way I get pleasure out of this is that the rest of the country's sports fans are annoyed at the fact that our teams are constantly on top.

Do the rest of you fans feel the same way. I hope so because days like these in the sports world don't come around often. As a Boston sports fan I have enjoyed talking sports all year round not just when baseball starts. The other organizations in this town have figured out how to spend their money and hired the correct head coaches to further themselves in their respective sports.

I haven't even started on the college end in Boston which has been doing very well also. With BC and BU in hockey and BC in football. All in all we are very spoiled and we should enjoy it while it lasts.

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Posted on: February 3, 2009 7:36 pm

Pete Rose is a hall of famer.

There has recently been a group created called Pete Rose supporters. I hope whoever reads this joins and understands why he should be in the Hall of Fame

Pete Rose was a guy who gave all he had to the sport while he was playing. He is also human, he made a huge mistake that I think he has done enough time for. Did the Football Hall of Fame pull O.J. out of Canton? Please put this stupidity to rest and put this guy where he belongs. If this guy doesn't get in it would be the biggest oversight in baseball history.

Rose's numbers are first in hits,games and at bats. He is also second in doubles sixth in runs and thirteenth in walks. Pete Rose had a 303 lifetime batting average and a lifetime OBP of 375. Without even thinking these numbers alone secure his place in the hall.

As the other member of the group has posted Pete Rose wouldn't even be in the top 25 of criminals and anti-humanatarians of people who are allready in the hall. Pete Rose has taken enough punnishment for what he has done. I hope the other writers on this website can appreciate the kind of player he was. We as fans should try and put this man in the hall.

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Posted on: January 30, 2009 5:26 pm

Varitek finally inks a deal.

The Red Sox and the captain finally agree on a deal. This is a good move on both sides they get Tek at short money and Tek got the most money he could get. Now,I am a firm beliver that Jason Varitek can not possibly be as bad as he was last season. The guy is in great phisical condition and he is still pretty talented. He has the ability to do whatever he wants if his head is in the game.

I don't know if last seasons personal problems had anything to do with his on field performance. This season he gets to go in with a clear mind. The one thing we all know is that this guy is an intense baseball player and he is going to do whatever it takes to prove that last year was a fluke. Varitek is a great leader for this team and they need a guy like this to lean on in the clubhouse.

This season is going to be full of unknowns with a few knew pitchers in the rotation,and who better than to give them a rundown of this leauge than the captain. He knows how to work the hitters and to calm down his guy when he is in trouble. The Red Sox have great players to watch but the one person I want to see is Jason Varitek. What the final outcome of his season is going to be I do not know but I think he is going to be in the comeback player of the year award conversation

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 7:39 pm
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Its always about the money.

I heard that the Hatton Pacquiao fight was canceled. Its amazing that two people can quarrel about eight percent of millions. Boxing has been marred by money hungry greedy pigs,this is just another example of that. After all the talk its hard to believe that the two sides couldn't come to an agreement that would be equally benefical  for both parties.

Boxing has been losing fans for years now because of these greedy fighters. Is it really important to make nine million instead of ten.Boxing is going to keep losing fans unless the fighters put the money issues away and start focusing on what is good for the sport. Fighters are going to get paid alot of money regardless, so why not get paid and please the fans.

I for one was looking forward to seeing this fight, but unless Mayweather comes out of retirement there is not much out there for any of these guys.Fortunatly the real boxing fans still have guys like Margarito and Pavlik who for the most part just fight to fight.

On a final note this weekends fight should be fairly entertaining. Most are speculating that Shane Mosley is to old to compete with Antonio Margarito. I think those rumors are false and Shane should make this a war.That being said I think that Margarito will force the action and be the more active fighter to take a hard earned one or two point decision.



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