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Three hours until October.

Posted on: April 16, 2009 6:51 pm

 The baseball season is in full swing. I was watching the Red Sox game yesterday and for about three hours all the crap about everyday society went away. I don't know if that is the best thing about baseball but its one of the things that I like about it. Baseball is great for a lot of things its rich history,great players and majestic feel.

I know most people have probably gone to a Major Leauge game but does anyone remember their first. My first was at Fenway Park when I walked out from the walkway to the bleachers it was like being on the top of Everest. Watching the legends like Rice,Evans,Boggs and Clemens. Then looking at the field and the Green Monster simply awsome. On top of all that I went with my father we didn't talk about anything but baseball that whole day.

What separates Football from Baseball is that its every day. Think about that you get to watch your favorite team for at least three hours everyday from early April til late September. Thats three hours you don't have to think about the unemployment rate rising,more stock market woes,and being lied to by every man an woman in the United States government. Instead of that you get three hours everyday to wind down and watch baseball.

I don't like the primadonna stuff that goes on when they are off the field. When they hit that field its the greatest game ever invented. All the stories you here about peoples first sporting events its all about baseball. You never hear about a Football,Basketball or Hockey stadium it was always Wrigley,Shea,Fenway and Yankee Stadium. If you ever watch the old films watch Mays play the outfield,Gibson pitching,Mantle hitting or Damaggio and Williams playing eachother all of that is very intense.

Then there is the rivalry. There is not a greater rivalry in the history of sports than the Yanks and Sox. When the schedule comes out everybody circles these games.

I'm going to give you the ultamate reason why this is the greatest sport in the U.S. When the Pats won the Super Bowl grown men cheered when the Sox won the World Series grown men cried.

                                                   THIS IS AMERICAS PASTIME

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Posted on: July 31, 2009 5:13 pm

Three hours until October.

I know this is an old blog, but I just ran across it and it made me smile.  I was one of those grown men crying when the Sox won in '04.  lol

I was crying in my champagne, which I've never liked, but had two glasses of that night.  I think it tasted even better to me because it was brought by a friend who is a Yanks fan.  She bought it the year before in hopes of a Yanks win to celebrate and she never got to pop it.  I don't think it tasted quite as good to her, but she was there for the whole game and was a great sport.  As much as she didn't want the Red Sox to win, she was so happy for the rest of us and I think our joy kind of made it up for her.  She's a great friend and the best Yanks fan I know.

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